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Suz' Sugar Gliders was created in March, 2003 to assist glider owners in researching proper care, health information and breeding information so that they wouldn't make the same mistakes I did when I first got gliders. I am also dedicated to supplying glider owners with top quality, glider-safe products including rejected joey supplies and Happy Glider foraging toys. I have personally owned gliders since July, 1998. There have been many ups and downs over the years, but I continue to learn more and more about these fascinating animals. I hope you will find my site helpful and informative.

All of my gliders are my treasured pets. I spend many hours each day with them; consequently, they are all very tame. Although I was formerly a USDA Licensed Breeder, I stopped breeding my gliders for several years. This was a difficult decision for me to come to, but I feel very strongly that there are too many gliders being put back up for re-adoption after only a year or two. Consequently, there are many gliders in rescue homes that are awaiting a good, forever home. In order not to add to the overpopulation of gliders here in the States, I had all of my male gliders neutered.

Please do not contact me regarding where to get a glider from. If you are interested in adopting a rescued glider, please visit:

Kingdom Kritters Rescue & Sanctuary 

For a database of breeders, veterinarians & vendors please visit:

Sugar Glider Help

In April, 2012 my husband gave me a male mosaic joey, Picasso, for my birthday. This joey came with a breeding contract - which meant that I could pair him and breed him if I wanted to. After discussing it with several of my friends, I decided to pair him with a female mosaic, Trinity Joy, that was already over a year old. On November 5th, their first litter of joeys came out of pouch - a male leucistic and a male mosaic. Upon occasion, I do have a joey or two available for adoption. Please check my FaceBook page for postings about any joeys available.


If you are considering a Sugar Glider for a pet and have not owned one previously, please thoroughly read through the other pages on my site, beginning with Sugar Gliders As A Pet and proceeding from there.

Another excellent resource for your research is The Glider Initiative - a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to sugar glider education and outreach. 

There are several web forums which can be helpful in researching Sugar Gliders. One of the best is:

The Sweet Spot (TSS)

Happy Gliding!

Suz Enyedy

Sugar Glider Products

In 2012, the focus of Suz' Sugar Gliders Online Store was changed to be mainly Rejected Joey Supplies, Happy Glider Foraging Toys & some basic Glider Foods.

Easy payment options are available through PayPal. I will also accept Money Orders or personal checks - orders will not be shipped until payment has cleared the bank. Most orders do ship within 24 hours unless otherwise noted in the item description. Most orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail so that you can be provided with a tracking number for your package; some smaller items are shipped via First Class Mail.

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